Funny King, Funny Horse

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Funny King, Funny Horse, Illustration by Hugo Herrera (@hugoherrera)

Funny King, Funny Horse, Illustration by Hugo Herrera (@hugoherrera)

Funny King, Funny Horse

© Copyright 2015 Hugo Herrera


My brand new site

June 4, 2011 at 7:31 pm | Posted in Some Animations, Some Character Designs, Some Designs, Some Illustrations, Some Rough Sketches | Leave a comment
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Screen shot of I have my very own website.

I used to have this wordpress blog as my institutional site, (which works great, I can’t complain) but I felt that it was necessary for me to have my own domain name (yes I know I could use my own dotcom on but let’s see how it works with the guys of cargocollective). Now,  regarding this blog, some things may change, I’m gonna still posting works I’ve done, but now I’d like this blog to be more like the ‘backstage’ of my works, more sketches, more illos that for any reason didn’t make it, to share how I deal with the process, to share interesting stuff of some colleagues, etc.

I hope you visit my new site, for now it’s full of works I’ve already posted in this blog, I’ve been working in some projects, unfortunately I can’t post them yet because these haven’t been released by clients.

Comments are fully appreciated.
PS: In this my new site in a near future I’m gonna create a page just for free stuff, works I’ve done in the past and at this time I can share the original files (illustrator files the most of the cases) for free, as I’ve been doing with some works here (the ones with the blue ribbon in the upper left side), remember, sharing is good.a

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