Peter Pan sketches

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Peter Pan and the Lost Boys walking the plank

I’m currently working on some illustrations of Peter Pan, not the whole story, just an excerpt. The client’s specs are that these illos need to be ‘vector files’ because they’re gonna be animated (just some little movements, some blinking, arms moving, stuff like that I think), and that’s okay, if you see the most of my works were created using Adobe Illustrator, I love vector format, but…well, after some years I’d like to make some changes in the way I work and the way all my illustrations are created, I love sketching, that’s one of my favorites moments when I’m creating something, whether it’s an illustration for a magazine, or creating some characters or whatever else, once this sketch is created (and approved) I scan it and then I redraw it using Adobe Illustrator (I think that’s the way many vector illustrators use) and that’s ok, but following this process is time consuming, and in some cases there’s no need of doing this (unless I need to create some vector art because it’s gonna be animated using Flash or for any other reason). With this I’m not saying that my long-term period of being a vector illustrator is coming to an end, I’d rather say that it’s just a matter of streamlining processes. Have you experienced something like this? I’m all ears to hear some advices.

Peter Pan

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