Mayans’ Explorers

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Mayans' Explorers

I have this friend of mine running a small travel agency dedicated to organize eco-adventure tours in Mayan Riviera, southeast of Mexico, he asked me to create the visual identity of his company, after some briefing and guidelines of what he expected to see in the logo (like some mayan pyramids, rain forest, stuff like that), I started working in some sketches, all of them with different views and styles of a pyramid, finally he picked up the option above, I liked it, it was my favorite proposal, so I started applying the logo in some stationery, business cards, etc.; a few days later he told me that he wasn’t sure if the winner logo might work, -now that I have this logo of my company, I’m seeing a lot of logos with pyramids- he said, -either if they are restaurants, bars, stores, etc. there are pyramids all over the place- (my theory is that he never ‘consulted’ with his wife about the different proposals, maybe once she saw the winner logo she complained about it, -another logo with a pyramid? c’mon guys!-; well, all these are just silly theories, both of them are really nice friends) anyway, I tried to convince him to use the logo with no success, so I started reviewing some proposals which fell by the wayside and creating new ones, these are below:

Mayans' Explorers

This is finally the winner proposal, it’s nice although I prefer the first one, anyway he they liked it

Mayans' Explorers

Creative Commons License
Mayans’ Explorers visual identity by Hugo Herrera is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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