Color Q

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Color Q character

Color Q was a very special project developed some years ago while working with my former partners and still friends Saúl Escobedo and Lucero Montes at Hongo Visual Design Agency.

Color Q was a joint venture between our agency and a local printing company.
We had to work with any specific client in finding solutions for both their graphic design and printing needs.
This may not be anything new at all, but our idea was to give the client the service and the product in just one single pack, like a combo; doing this, we as a company were aware of the client’s budget, so from the very beginning we could offer a  solution that fit their needs.

I think this project has always had considerable potential, all the brand identity created, the brochure, postcards, business cards, even stickers, and Q boy, the funny character, it would have been cool to take it a step beyond and animate in 3D…anyway, happened to be that Color Q was one of those projects that remained stored in the drawer, I can’t remember the reasons now, everything went straight to the drawer of ‘keep in a cool dry place and away from the sun’ projects, so, if by any chance there’s anyone out there interested in jump-starting this project, come on, get in touch, the Q kid wants to be brought to life finally.

Color Q character

These are some shots of Color Q institutional brochure

Color Q…we are made of ink, paper, technology and sensitivity (brochure back cover)

Color Q….maximum integration in printing and design

Creative Commons License
Color Q by Hugo Herrera, Saúl Escobedo and Lucero Montes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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